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28000L/H Pond Pump CMP-28000

Product Description
1. Large flow, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection; stable and quiet operation, excellent performance and long service life. 
2. With thermal protection function: built-in thermal protector, when the motor overheats due to abnormal operation, it will automatically disconnect the power supply, and the pump will stop running; after unplugging and plugging the power supply of the pump again, the pump can be restarted. And automatically start the internal thermal protector again for the next round of protection. 
3. High quality ceramic shaft core and ceramic sleeve, more wear-resistant. 
4. Amphibious. 
5. Ergonomic handle for easy carrying and installation. 
6. The outlet can be adjusted at three angles of 0, 90 and 180 to meet different requirements. 

Model: CMP-28000
Voltage: 220-240v, 50hz
Power: 580W
Hmax: 7.5m
Output: 28000L/H
Outlet hose adapter: 38/50mm
Cable length: 10m
Dimension in mm: 360*159*248mm